Andreas Slominski: Edition

»A sculptor of evil elegance«

This is what Ulf Erdmann Ziegler wrote about Andreas Slominski and his exhibition at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg in the German daily »taz« (18. June, 2016). He also swept aside any prejudice that Andreas Slominski – in relation to his choice of materials – might follow »the tradition of the readymade«, but rather, its »transformation« is of much greater importance. The following already applied to Marcel Duchamp’s »Fountain«: on show is not just an object of everyday life as the center of attention but, above all, also its source material, which applies equally to Andreas Slominski’s work. Andreas Slominski is currently still working on a new edition of the catalog for the Hamburg exhibition; in support of this publication, the artists will issue a special edition:

Edition of 72 copies, signed and numbered, Euro 360.00
Pissoir mit Korken, links (Urinal with Cork, left)
Only a few copies remaining (green and brown sold out)!!


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  • May 19, 2017
    Save the date

    Magdalena Kita at WIELS, Brussels

    21 May 2017, 4 pm, at the auditorim of Wiels is an event to mark the debut of »Californication«, the first major book by Magdalena Kita, published by Snoeck, Cologne. The programme will be presented in a »talk show« format, with panel interviews of the book's contributors and a performance display of Kita's work. Participants include Matthew Licht (writer for the book, Florence), JL Murtaugh (editor and designer of the book, director of Syndicate, Cologne), and moderator Marthe Ramm Fortun (artist, Oslo, Norway).

    »Californication« represents the culmination of Kita's two-year project conducted in Los Angeles and several other cities, consisting of a large series of painted beach towels, choreographed performances with fitness models, and television advertisements. The book connects these outcomes with ten essays from art critics, professional colleagues, and the artist's ex-boyfriends, establishing a tone typical for her work which blurs the boundaries between Kita's personal life, public persona, and the social consequences of sexual politics.

    Magdalena Kita was awarded 2016 with Van Bommel Van Dam Prize at the eponymous museum in Venlo, Netherlands, and completed a six-month residency in Brussels and Athens developing a new series of Byzantine-style icons. Kita is the resident artist at SUPERDEALS, Brussels this May.

  • April 19, 2017
    Save the date

    Maria Brunner in COLOGNE

    April 26, 2017, from 5 to 6 pm, Maria Brunner signs her book at Art Cologne, Hall 11.2. booth B.011 as well as the launching of a special book edition takes place, presented by Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne and Galerie Klaus & Elisabeth Thoman, Innsbruck/Vienna

  • March 22, 2017

    SCULPTURES MADE OF PAPER – From Kurt Schwitters to Karla Black

    At Saturday, March 18, 2017, the opening took place with these wonderfull pieces at Kunsthalle Vogelmann, it is on view till July 2, 2017.

    See a Diashow here

  • February 4, 2017
    Save the date

    Maria Brunner is present!

    The wonderfull book of MARIA BRUNNER, which we have published at January with her real painting, will be presented with works on display from Saturday, 4th February 2017, at noon on, in the Thoman gallery, 1010 Vienna, Seilerstätte 7.

    Exhibition Galerie Thoman, Wien, 4.2. – 31.5.2017

  • January 22, 2017

    A simple truth!

    That’s what Claudia Ihlefeld sees in her review depending the show of the Dutch conceptual working artist at the daily HEILBRONNER STIMME. Jan van der Ploeg is working in the tradition of De Stijl since years with his wall paintings and his canvases. Finally he could sign the sentence: You only get what you see! Jan von der Ploeg has in this jubilee year of De Stijl nearly 20 exhibitions and long before he installed a wall painting at Mercedes Benz Museums in Stuttgart. But the artist draws a line: design has a function, his art work is autonomous.

    Exhibition at Kunstverein Heilbronn: 20/1–26/2/2017
    (guided tour with Jan van der Ploeg: 26/2/2017, 4 pm!;