Günther Förg: Watercolours / Aquarelle

Cat. Kunstverein Ettlingen

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Kunstverein Ettlingen
text (German/English) by Arnold Stadler
148 p. with 120 coloured illustrations
320 x 240 mm, clothbound with embossing on spine and dustjacket

ISBN 978-3-936859-52-2

198,00 €

The Sky, the Sea and Förg

As in his book »Gazzetta dello Sport« Günther Förg devoting himself 2006 again to watercolours on one theme. In this case it is a group of landscape  paintings from the end of the 19th century from a small but exquisite collection from Baden upon which he built a group of about 80 watercolours. Günther Förg’s special access to landscape is surprising in this rapidly developed series and can be construed as a form of abstraction. When looking through the works which are constantly periodically interrupted by one of the »drafts«,  it is very quickly possible to see in the rhythm of Günther Förg’s pictures the extent abstract painting is and remains superior to figurative ideas of these years.

Kunstverein Ettlingen, Wilhelmshöhe, 17/11–17/12/2006