Georg Herold: What a Life

Special Edition

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Matthias Winzen
texts (German/English) by Nicole Fritz, Rudi Fuchs, Friedrich Heubach, Reiner Speck, Carmela Thiele, Matthias Winzen
376 p with 350 coloured and 100 b/w illustrations
290 x 240 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-936859-21-8

58,00 €

Highly variable Sabbath Days

From the beginning of the 80s onwards, Georg Herold started to question art and the art business together with contemporaries Martin Kippenberger, Werner Büttner and Albert Oehlen; in contrast to the »Jungen Wilden«  (The Wild Ones) of this generation, he developed an enduring brand of scepticism productive to this day. His sculptures are made from apparently reduced materials, such as roof battens, roof tiles, wire and objects trouvés relate in a critical and ironic way to politics, society and modern art, challenging the observer to continue thinking about the concepts inherent in his approach to art. This extensive publication provides a complete overview of Georg Herold’s work from the 80s through to his video pieces 2005. It becomes apparent that although absurdity and paradox might start to flounder somewhat in textbound theory, they are nevertheless revealed as both dextrous and inventive entities when it comes to George Herold’s graphic cast of mind. (Please, see also our catalogues »Multiple Choice« and »da wo die …« [where the …] with Georg Herold!!)