Jenny Michel: Antenna Diaries

Cat. Schwartzsche Villa Berlin-Steglitz

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Brigitte Hausmann / Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf von Berlin
texts (German/English) by Ina Dinter, Brigitte Hausmann and an interview with the Künstlerin by Christine Nippe
56 p with 20 coloured illustrations
240 x 170 mm, softcover with flaps

ISBN 978-3-86442-271-3

(out of print)

In the Zone

What is the expected shelf life of scientific findings? How soon do they land on the garbage heap of history? Jenny Michel uses scientific-technical representations, maps and encyclopedia from the past and combines them with materials that lead to questions of value, duration and transience. She dissolves the material in a unique palimpsest-like aesthetic, makes cut-outs, glues, staples and collages it, lets it dangle from the ceiling and stretches it across walls and suspends it into the room. The result might be slightly uncomfortable for the viewer, since the real dissolution candidly reveals the dubiousness of ideologies, theories and truths and, above all, allows this to be physically experienced. Art perceived as an image of archives and recording systems, as a repository of our cultural heritage, in this case though actually reflects dissolution and decay. Jenny Michel called this book and exhibition ANTENNA DIARIES because she wants to invoke art as a »medium of interaction«, as a »symbol of our consciousness« – sending – receiving – transformation. In the echo chamber of this artist, we are equally thrown back onto ourselves – absorbed in thought.

Schwartzsche Villa Berlin-Steglitz, 8/9–18/11/2018