Frank Gerritz: Temporary Ground

Cat. Museum Wiesbaden

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Jörg Daur, Lea Schäfer
texts (German/English) by Jörg Daur, Andreas Henning, Franz Kaiser, Lea Schäfer
144 p with 92 coloured illustrations
290 x 240 mm, clothbound embossed

ISBN 978-3-86442-351-2

29,80 €

Heavy Metal

Frank Gerritz, born in 1964 in Hamburg, is an artist whose ideas literally move in space. Starting from the floor, his work spills onto the wall and, from there, has an effect back into the room. The sculptor works, among other things, on aluminum panels with paintsticks (oil pastels) in such dense layers that the surfaces on the one hand appear sealed, yet the structure of the application on the other hand remains visible. Black is not always black; where the silver-anodized aluminum sur­faces reflect the room, the darker parts of the ­surfaces reveal a shimmering, a residue of light that changes depending on the viewpoint and light conditions. The drawn surfaces – graphite pencil or paintstick on MDF boards or aluminum – develop a materiality characterized by blurred reflections, thus transferring the sur-faces of the two-dimen­sional image carriers into a spatial dimension. In addition, Gerritz casts iron blocks based on his own body dimensions; their stand area form the basis for his first prints on paper and define the proportions of his sculptural works in front of the wall. The catalog shows the inherent spatiality of the wall objects and sculp-tural groups, while also unfolding specific details of the works.

Museum Wiesbaden, 13/5 – 20/8/2021