Eva Berendes: Thoughts and Feelings

Kienbaum Artists’ Books 2024 Edition

Edited by Jochen and Laura Kienbaum
Excerpts from the artists mail correspondence
136 p with 87 coloured mostly double-page illustrations
320 x 240 mm, open thread binding with PVC cover

ISBN 978-3-86442-432-8

48,00 €

Now textiles again

Eva Berendes works in painting as an expanded field of production. She extends the medium to include sculptures and public spaces. This artistic methodology not only allows her to question the means of image production, but also to skillfully integrate their basis into a dialog with architecture, urban infrastructure or everyday objects. She uses various fabrics, painted and also unprocessed, as shown in the artist’s book at hand, which she then cuts and joins together with rough stitching, or by draping them on top of one another and fixing them with ball head pins. These kinds of amalgamations by Eva Berendes have already been on display in Bonn as objects in front of the Kunstmuseum. At the time she was awarded the Bonner Kunstpreis 2021 and presented her works as architectural fragments or parts of facades in both interior and outdoor settings. There is a flow, something fluid about them, even though they are made of solid materials. These might however undergo a variety of transformations so that they may lose their sense of meaning and form – in which case the objects will fly!