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The short feature David Renggli put up for this book is sensationel. So we have decided to sign up for an INSTAGRAM account.

Here is the link:

Performance, David Renggli

The book ­offers a broad overview of the oeuvre and provides informative impres­sions of the slyly dandy-like ­­self-stagings of the artist. Should his works be under­stood merely as odes to hedonism? Not at all! With his works, David Renggli revives highly ­diverse clichés of adamant desire and idyllic ­imaginings, only to confront them in a subtle, ­sensitive manner with their own deconstructions. With a vigorous wink of the eyes, he adopts an ­ironical perspective with regard to ideals of beauty and the cult of physical allure, not hesitating to critique the urge to self-optimisation and the ­egocentricity of self-infatuation.