Günther Förg: Laissez un message

Edited by Reiner Speck
with contributions (German) from Jean Frémon, Rudi Fuchs, Johannes Gachnang, Siegfried Gohr, Kay Heymer, Veit Loers, Ingrid Rein, Rudolf Schmitz, Reiner Speck, Heliod Spiekermann
108 p. with 50 coloured illustrations on full pages
298 x 210 mm, clothbound with dustjacket
limited edition of 800 copies, signed and numbered

ISBN 978-3-936859-30-0

128,00 €

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When Günther Förg’s 50th birthday has been organized, his friends decided to publish a book with Reiner Speck as instigating editor – a book which, with the inclusion of 50 of his watercolours, than has metamorphosed into an artist’s edition. Be it empathetically in the way Rudi Fuchs charts a watercolour, or with colossal art historical staying power that Siegfried Gohr takes on an window motif, or in the cheerful underground manner that Rudolf Schmitz recites a poem, or be it at breakneck narrative speed that Johannes Gachnang leans out of the window on a warm Milanese evening – at all times, these approaches evince a profound friendship based upon both prodigious and incisive knowledge. The watercolours are almost cheerful and had been indications in Günther Förg’s œuvre perhaps that he had indeed found an accommodation between Eros and Thanatos when occasionally dressing and undressing women as they sleep, bathe or pose with delicately wafted spots of colour.