Signe Guttormsen: With Backs Facing Forward

Exhbition catalogue, edited by Kunstmuseum Horsens
texts (Danish/English/German) by Magnus Clausen, Melitta Kliege, Ivar Tonsberg
144 p with 150 coloured illustrations
210 x 240 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-936859-54-6

(out of print)

Signe Guttormsen’s Answer

Dripping, dropping, smearing, running, twisting – this is exactly how the Cologne-based Danish painter Signe Guttormsen has produced her series of colourfield painting over the years. And because she lives next to Cologne’s busy railway and sees and photographs the colour smears of container trains tearing past daily, she moves from black and white to colour, then into the conical and finally the fragmentary processing of the image. This particular catalogue on a large retrospective show in Denmark shows all these milestones and arrives at the latest, extraordinary abstract, material/colour-weary, but also luxurious segmented paintings. At last somebody has managed to paint fractals.

Horsens Kunstmuseum, 11/11/06–21/01/07