Museum of Modern Art Syros

Reprinted catalogue, edited by Lukas Baumewerd 
in conjunction with the Estate of Martin Kippenberger
24 p with 10 photographs, numerous sketches and partially coloured plans
140 x 209 mm, stitched brochure

ISBN 978-3-936859-35-5

9,80 €

Martin Kippenberger proudly presents
Momas – Museum of Modern Art Syros

Without doubt, Martin Kippenberger had the best ideas on how to furnish and plan a museum. The small reprint was originally designed by Lukas Baumewerd for the second exhibition of The Museum of Modern Art Syros (MOMAS) in 1994 and printed on one of the first inkjet printers. The first twenty copies were distributed by the master himself on the occasion of Ulrich Strothjohann’s exhibition.
The small and picturesquely situated new museum site on the Greek island Syros had been spotted some years earlier by Martin Kippenberger as his plane was coming in to land and then subsequently reconnoitered together with Michel Würthle. It became quickly apparent that the unfinished abattoir represented an absolutely ideal set-up. Straight away and not without being spurred on and entrusted with tasks by Martin Kippenberger, ideas about exhibitions were bandied around within the circle of friends, the property was duly surveyed and plans were drawn up. Groups of visitors from Cologne arrived on Syros punctually for the opening in order to view the summer exhibition in the company of Martin Kippenberger. This is how exhibitions by Hubert Kiecol, Ulrich Strothjohann, Christopher Wool and Cosima von Bonin came about. The reprint of the brochure, first of all running to just twenty copies then later to one hundred extended copies, faithfully follows the original in detail and appearance, but by contrast used offset printing.