Günther Förg: Gazzetta dello Sport

Cat. Galerie Grässlin

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Galerie Grässlin
texts (German/English) by Valentina Avon, Max Wechsler
54 p. with 80 coloured illustrations
280 x 300 m, clothbound and embossed with dustjacket

ISBN 978-3-936859-43-0

98,00 €

Soccer fans’ coloured pages

For the »cultivated« and yet »fanatical« football fan in Italy, the proof of God’s existence was finally clinched some twenty-five years ago via the sports paper »Gazzetta dello Sport«, a journal which has appeared daily on pink newsprint for the last 120 years: »Maradonna = God« ran the headline, as Argentina vanquished West Germany to become World Champions. Such snapshots could have been the inspiration for Günther Förg 2006 to work with what is essentially the extremely basic material of the pink newsprint. Comprising four large format pieces (2100 cm  x 3000 cm), six medium-sized pieces (1000 cm x 1500 cm), as well as 64 small pieces (each 53  cm x 76 cm) in acrylic and devised as a complete series, the works overlay the newspaper columns in free form. Fence motifs consolidate the layering of the pink original, and in this way Günther Förg intensifies one of his fantastical pictorial motifs in an altogether new way.