Leap in Time

Cat. Taxispalais Innsbruck

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Beate Ermacora
texts (German/English) by Julia Brennacher, Lotte Dinse, Beate Ermacora, Gaby Gappmayr, Hannelore Paflik-Huber, Jürgen Tabor, Harald Uhr, Vitus Weh
120 p with 75 coloured illustrations
300 x 235 mm, hardcover with sliver edge and accompanied by a supplement

ISBN 978-3-86442-098-6

(out of print)

50 Years Taxispalais

This volume for the anniversary exhibition at Galerie im Taxis-palais is published just in time for the 50th anniversary of its opening day. On this occasion, not only internationally renowned Tyrolean artists were invited, but also those whose work placed particular importance on positions that managed to succeed with first solo exhibitions at Galerie im Taxispalais. The title »Leap in Time« loosely connects the individual artistic contributions and thus refers to the history of the gallery. All participants show new works that are documented in a supplement.

Taxispalais Innsbruck, 24/5–31/8/2014