Jorinde Voigt: Botanic Code

Kienbaums Artists’ Books 2011

Kienbaum Artists’ Books, edited by Jochen Kienbaum
48 p with 35 coloured illustrations
380 x 240 m, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-940953-61-2

68,00 €

The Conzept of the Work

The characteristic features of a botanical garden are a combination of international vegetation, the reproduction of the whole world on a small scale, categorisation as well as scientific terms and establishment of definitions, research and ther preservation of the species. For the project »Botanic Codes« Jorinde Voigt walked within one year (November 2009 to October 2010) trough the botanic gardens of every city she was travelling to. Until this point she has produced »Botanic Codes« on the gardens of the cities Sydney, Berlin, Göttingen, Mexico City, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Bonn; the next to follow will be Rome, New York and Paris. In this work, the performative element of drawing is transferred to the movement of walking, the path on which she pass through the gardens. This is subject to her spontaneous decision. The walk is undertaken under the premise that her own perceptions with respect to colours are investigated. Proportional areas of colour, generated according to an algorithm developed fort he purpose, are transferred onto aluminum rods 3 meters long. The outcome of such a visit to a botanical garden is a group of painted aluminum rods; an algorithmically developed »code« that takes as ist theme my walk and perceptions along the parameters of colour, proportion, performance, season of the year, norm, and infinity – and creates a new matrix for perception.