Hamish Fulton: Walking Transformation

Cat. Galerien der Stadt Esslingen Villa Merkel

Exhibition catalog, edited by Andreas Baur and Tina Plokarz
texts (German/English) by Andreas Baur, Freddy Langer, Tina Plokarz
64 p with 30 coloured illustrations
220 x 300 cm, hardcover with dust jacket

ISBN 978-3-86442-092-4

29,80 €

No Walk, no Art

Hamish Fulton, born in London in 1946, is working on an entirely independent body of work that is rather poetic and borne by a distinguished, authentic and open-minded attitude. For over 40 years, he has been conveying and acknowledging »walking« as an art form: Walks. Fulton makes Walks in all corners of the world, such as a walk »From Coast to Coast« in the UK, for instance. They result in wall drawings and images, photos and objects capturing in a variety of ways the defining phenomena of the Walks. At the same time, according to the motto »No Walk, No Art«, they can also be read as a passive protest against the excesses of urbanization that Fulton formulates in a sympathetic, yet uncompromising way. In 1994, Hamish Fulton, for the first time, directly involved other people in his work with a Group Walk. This volume documents the nucleus of the exhibition at Villa Merkel in Esslingen (9/3–8/6/2014), the Walks recorded by the artist in recent years in Tibet and India.