Suse Weber: Formula:marionette

Lexicon of image vocabulary

Text (German/English) by Suse Weber
120 p with 460 coloured illustrations
210 x 130 m, softcover with dust jacket

ISBN 978-3-86442-121-1

(out of print)

Made in Germany: emblematic sculptures

In her installations and performances, Suse Weber, born in 1970 in Leipzig and now living in Berlin, tackles some tough issues: tradition and power, or rather, symbolic order and social structure. In painstaking pre­cision work, the artist develops a very specific system of symbols that she applies to several life-size puppets in performance-like processes. The resulting installations that she calls »emblematic sculptures« are composed of a large number of very small visual elements that show, on the one hand, mundane everyday objects and materials, but on the other hand they resemble ­national symbols or elements of heraldry. These »rhetor­ical figures« – to date more than 1,000 pieces – are the result of various choreographies: turning, moving, sorting, and constantly adding more. This volume, for the first time, offers a systematic compilation on the vast number of possibilities, as well as on the installation and her exhibitions (including »Made in Germany Zwei«, Hanover 2012), thus giving a comprehensive insight into Suse Weber's sculptures.