Charlotte Moth: Travelogue

Cat. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Friedemann Malsch and Christiane Meyer-Stoll
texts (German/English) by Eva Birkenstock, Penelope Curtis, Fabrice Hergott, Ian Hunt, Christiane Meyer-Stoll, Charlotte Moth, Kasia Redzisz
220 x 210 m, softcover with cloth, embossed with stuffed translucent coloured sheet deviders

ISBN 978-3-86442-188-4

(out of print)

Wonderfull Rooms

Charlotte Moth sets out to discover the mysterious in the familiar and focusses her attention on the spaces and objects with which we live and the conditions of perceiving materiality in space and time. The artistic devices used by Charlotte Moth are photography and film, slide projections and sculptural arrangements. The source and point of reference of many of her works is »Travelogue« in which she assembles constantly since 1999 photographs of her researches. Charlotte Moth often chooses architectural icons or topic from art history as the subject of her projects. So she travelled to Ibiza following the trail of the Dadisten Raoul Hausmann, or St Ives, England where she visited the studio of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Ahead of the exhibition at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein she has examined sensory materials used in Montessori education and has taken a particularly close look at two outstanding bridge structures in the region. The book ist first comprehensive monographic publication on the work of the Paris-based, 1978 in UK born artist.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, 3/6–4/9/2016