Jin Meyerson: 2001–2007

With texts (German/English) by Jasper Sharp and Amanda Coulson
76 with a centerfold and 31 full-page coloured illustrations
Format 30 x 34 cm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-936859-72-0 

(out of print)


As a painter Jin Meyerson works with medial compositions that are torn out of the daily flow, especially the ones with which we can associate catastrophe. An addictive practice quickly ensued for him, a practice which is equally predicated upon rapid visual stimuli as the way they are directed towards gigantic, realistic, collaged, kinetic, painterly compositions that collapse in on themselves, rotate, sink. Though not specifically relating to a particular location, Jin Meyerson has become nonetheless a chronicler of contemporary life and represents the world in terms of the effects its objects have upon us. The oftentimes vortical distortions drag everything along with them – refugees, cars, buildings; they are all signs of wonderment that propel the contemplative soul »through the world in the eternal rapture of the observer« as José Ortega y Gasset asserted. Born in 1972 in Ichon City, South Korea, Jin Meyerson grew up in the USA. The large format book is the first publication on Jin Meyerson following his participation in a number of group shows, such as Saatchi’s »The Triumph of Painting« in 2006.

Galerie Michael Janssen Berlin, 26/09–9/11/2007