Sabrina Labis: You are the only one

Cat. Kunstmuseum Luzern

Exhibition catalogue
texts (German/English) by Sigrid Hermann, Heinz Stahlhut, Eveline Suter, Claudio Vogt
96 p with 30 coloured illustrations
240 x 170 mm, softcover with open binding

ISBN 978-3-86442-199-0

(out of print)

Who evaluates whom?

Rising to prominence, being loved and set on a pedestal – either for one or many: a lot of people are determined by this longing in their pursuit of happiness. Such pipe dreams are not only the reason behind beauty contests, but also form the foundation for the sports industry as well as for casting shows and social media platforms. Is there anything we won’t do for attention? But: who evaluates whom? And on what criteria? And who is the winner in the end?  In her work, which is presented in this publication for the first time, Sabrina Labis reflects on values ​​and evaluation systems, using ArtFacts.Net ™ as her main point of reference. This platform uses an algorithm that rates artists on the basis of their participation in exhibitions and creates a corresponding ranking list. This suggests an objectivity of the criteria that is seemingly the result of a simply structured art world. Sabrina Labis leads us through a virtual art fair architecture – a kind of empty formula that caricatures the White Cube as an ideal exhibition space. The virtual walk through such rooms is reminiscent of treasure hunts in computer games, in which one repeatedly encounters dead ends and various messages. The Swiss artist uses the digital world of images as a matter of course, linking it with animations, image collages and her own photos, spinning a multidimensional network of associations that captures game levels, skiers, artist careers, values of works of art and collaborations of artists, curators and investors in the antagonism between market and idealism.

Kunstmuseum Luzern, 10/12/2016–12/2/2017