Stephan Balkenhol

Cat. Château de Malbrouck, Manderen

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Conseil Général de la Moselle
texts (German/French) by Hélène Doub, Matthias Winzen
112 p with 50 coloured illustrations
240 x 170 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-940953-85-8

(out of print)

Mute and precise

In his essay, Matthias Winzen characterises Stephan Balkenhol’s works as both mute and precise, simply because they don’t make much of a fuss about their material make-up, their figuration, or the more recent splicing of relief and sculpture. This intimate little volume, containing the latest works and specific focus upon the large, room-dividing screens, has been published on the occasion of two exhibitions in Meisenthal and at the Château de Malbrouck in Manderen. For some years now, the artist has been involved in Meisenthal’s cultural life, which has taken up residence in the former glass factory where Stephan Balkenhol has installed a series of his magnificent screens. Château de Malbrouck, situated as it is close to the borders between Germany, France and Luxemburg, is a popular tourist destination and, facilitated by the regional cultural authorities, has also hosted high-quality exhibitions over a number of years. It is here that Stephan Balkenhol is showing his most recent sculptures.

Halle Verrière, Meisenthal, 12/6–4/9/2011
Château de Malbrouck, Manderen, 11/9–11/12/2011