Georg Herold: where the …

Cat. Kunstmuseum Bonn

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Stephan Berg, Volker Adolphs
texts (German/English) by Volker Adolphs, Stephan Berg, Georg Herold, Glenn O’Brien, Jochen Stremmel, Kerstin Stremmel
176 p with 166 coloured illustrations
300 x 240 mm, hardcover, embossed

ISBN 978-3-86442-224-9

48,00 €

Sculptural Independence

If you follow an artist’s work for quite a number of years, you will grow fond of it – yes, and you will rejoice in its success. Georg Herold has truly experienced many moments of success and brilliance, distinctions and presentations. That is why now, after he turns 70 in July 2017, he can look back on an impressive career, and calmly prepare a retrospective at Kunstmuseum Bonn. He is now regarded as one of the most prominent international art personalities of the past 30 years, not least because his work embodies an exuberant joy of experimentation. The fact that he uses simple materials, as critics have so frequently and thoroughly perused, or that his work is full of moments of irony, and that he always challenges traditional forms of pictorial representation, in particular of sculpture as such, is true, but it should not distract from the extraordinary work development that took a major leap from postmodern semantics to a modernist work freed from all convention and led, subsequently, to absolute sculptural independence!

Kunstmuseum Bonn, 21/9/2017–7/1/2018