Mathilde Rosier: Ceremonially Infused

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Claudia Emmert
text (German/English) by Claudia Emmert and comments by the artist
128 p with 140 colour illustrations
270 x 220 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-940953-95-7

24,00 €

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The French artist Mathilde Rosier creates atmospheric environments which draw on her interest in the physical and psychological experience of ancient rites and rituals. Therefore she brings together paintings, sculptural assemblages and film. This special contstructed environments evokes a journey between conscious and unconscious realms with the motifs like a bed or a cat representing a threshold to buried psychic states. The installations were influenced by the practices of Freudian psychologists as well as films like »Les Maîtres Fous« or by examples of excavation of Pharaonic tombs.
The book is her first solo-publication and shows Mathilde Rosiers rich work of drawings which are submittals of her environments. It combines drawings and text and make this part of the book a directly access into the artists intelluctual world. The accompanying photographs of the environments, especially installed at the Kunstpalais Erlangen-show from April till June 2011, show the extensive interplay of the various material.

Kunstpalais Erlangen, 8/4–6/6/2011
Camden Arts Centre, London, 22/7–25/9/2011