Katharina Hinsberg: Sequence: Drawings 1–117

Kienbaum Artists’ Books

Kienbaum Artists’ Books 2018
edited by Jochen and Laura Kienbaum
214 p with 118 coloured illustrations
240 x 165 mm, softcover with dust-jacket

ISBN 978-3-86442-232-4

29,80 €

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In her work, Katharina Hinsberg (* 1967, Professor at HbK Saarbrücken) focuses on a complex analysis of the genre of drawing, its historical, technical and spatial contexts. A typical approach for her is to incise the image carrier, as well as the cutting of lines within drawings. With her artist book »Sequence – Drawings 1–117«, Katharina Hinsberg presents for the first time a series of interchangeably devised color drawings using 117 color pencils in horizontal lines on a grid. With each new sheet, a further color is added, grows, is reduced or disappears again, whereby the dense, colored hatching is dependent on the movement of her hand. Without spacing, lines and rows turn into color fields that continue and change from page to page. The underlying grid consists of 23 fields across and 30 lines high, each field measuring 5 x 5 mm. Katharina Hinsberg begins her sequence with black and ends in white. The works in »Sequence – Drawings 1–117« were created especially for this book of the same title, edited by Jochen and Laura Kienbaum: Kienbaum Arists' Books 2018.