Asger Jorn: Without Boundaries

Cat. Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Dirk Luckow
texts (German/English) by Siegfried Gohr, Petra Lange-Berndt, Dirk Luckow, Roberto Ohrt and Axel Heil, Thorsten Sadowsky
280 x 245 mm, halfbound

ISBN 978-3-86442-246-1

68,00 €

Asger Jorn’s dynamic imagery

In his colorful paintings, Danish painter and writer Asger Jorn (1914­–1973) creates dynamic pictorial worlds that demonstrate in part a humor­ous and playful lightness yet also an apocalyptic melancholy. Driven by his keen interest in Scan­dinavian tradition, not least in response to the ­adverse times, Asger Jorn has tirelessly painted and written, while also creating an extensive body of ceramic works. In his paintings he uses an ­exceptionally powerful imagery that oscillates ­between abstraction and figuration. Throughout his career, Asger Jorn was in contact with many of his fellow artists. He was both a founding ­member of the CoBrA group and later of the ­Situationist International. The extensive book on the exhibition offers a comprehensive selection of around 60 works, with a focus on the period ­between the 1930s and 1970s. Major works such as »Sans bornes« from 1959/60 and »Im Anfang war das Bild« from 1965/66 are presented and ­iscussed in detail. The variety of media used in his oeuvre comes to the fore in key themes and motifs that run through his entire artistic practice. The works exhibited in Hamburg and presented in this book are an eloquent testimony to the intensity and continuing relevance of his work, and are unquestionably part of the canon of 20th-century art.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg, 22/6 – 23/9/2018