Charif Benhelima: Harlem on my mind – I was, I am

Texts (German/English) by Caryl Phillips, James Herithas, Daniella Géo
80 p with 50 coloured illustrations
255 x 210 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-940953-70-4

(out of print)

No Harlem Renaissance

Charif Benhelima’s rigourously composed Polaroid photographs present a Harlem that is degraded and almost deserted. On one level, they are evidence of his sensitivity to the difficult living conditions and lack of opportunities that most African Americans continue to ­endure in the United States. On another level, they evoke feelings that uplift the viewer because of their originality and its spiritual prayerful supplication.

Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin, 4/2–5/3/2011