Sophie Reinhold: Das kann das Leben kosten

Cat. Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin

Exhibition Catalogue, edited by Bruno Brunnet and Nicole Hackert
text (German/English) by Tenzing Barshee, interview (German/English) with the artist by Hannes Schmidt
32 p with 19 coloured illustrations
280 x 200 mm, stapled brochure

ISBN 978-3-86442-332-1

19,80 €

The heartbreaking pattern of the present or »A Kind of Post-Corona Impressionism«

Absence is a recurring theme in Sopie Reinhold’s work: the left out, unsaid, uninvited. Basic rules of abstraction. To not give it all away. This constraint sets the tone, her underlying mood. Maybe it’s a pattern. It creates a place apart from language. A very clear silence. When there are many motifs, the sense of a pattern is easily lost. Disorder stretches out. Distance helps to make sense of the overview again. Discerning the motif’s repetition – affirming the pattern – satisfies some obsessive impulse and fosters a spirit of serenity … Sophie Reinhold’s paintings consistently demonstrate her astute understanding that her reality cannot be smoothed over, that the experience takes place long before it’s manipulated into form. Her art emerges from a kaleidoscopic multiplicity; not following a formula, always multifaceted. One aspect of the method is salient: the decision to sand a painting, to remove and apply images, reflects an experience of reality tantamount to the wear and tear of everyday life … »Das kann das leben kosten« was, as far as I know, the first exhibition to open in Berlin after restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic were relaxed. These paintings, made before the global crisis, stand as a testament to Reinhold’s (appropriately) urgent scrutiny of our jumbled present.  Tenzing Barshee

CFA Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, 20/5 – 20/6/2020