Philipp Geist

Cat. mgk Otterndorf

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Ulrike Schick
texts (German/English) by Holger Lund, Julia Gwendolyn Schneider, Ulrike Schick
128 p with 250 coloured illustrations
230 x 300 mm, hardcover with a DVD

ISBN 978-3-86442-002-3

(out of print)

Out of the Woods into the World!

Removed from the pristine ­illumination of the White Cube, Philipp Geist works with natural shadows and irradiations in his video and light installations, with which he can encompass whole rooms, but also entire facades of large buildings. All of this draws upon an extensive photographic oeuvre that the artist presented in Otterndorf at the museum gegenstandsfreier kunst. Above all it is his masterful treatment of light and shade that transforms his works into impressive experiences in their own right and which this book superbly documents.

museum gegenstandsfreier kunst, Otterndorf, 2/7-22/10/2011