Stefan Löffelhardt: Clouds

Edited by Aurel Scheibler, Ute Parduhn
Conversation (German/English) between Wolfgang Ullrich and Stefan Löffelhardt
80 p with 63 coloured illustrations
225 x 160 mm, softcover with dust jacket

ISBN 978-3-86442-390-1

24,80 €

Löffelhardt’s book of hanging cloud objects

The book provides an overview of the group of hanging cloud objects (2010–2020) by Stefan ­Löffelhardt. In the temporal developmental arc of ­Stefan Löffelhardt’s work, the cloud objects lie ­between the large landscape installations in space and the current drawings of inner landscape. The ­objects evolved from the walk-in installations through the model-like ship sculptures and the hanging constructions of urban landscape, as they are documented in the catalogs »Blachfeld« (2003), »Löffel­hardt« (2008), »Tal Grund/The Valley Floor« (2009), and »Tisch« (2016). The illustrations follow roughly chronologically the date the objects were created. They are joined by views from the exhibitions »Fluss«, 2018 at Aurel Scheibler in Berlin and »Schönheit?!«, curated
by Anne-Marie Bonnet 2019/20 at Gisela Clement in Bonn. In the ­exhibition »ab8«, 2017 at Galerie Ute ­Parduhn in ­Düsseldorf some of the objects were shown for the first time. In the middle sectionof the book is an ­excerpt from a conversation between ­Wolfgang Ullrich and Stefan Löffelhardt. which took place in 2018 in the context of the exhibition at Aurel Scheibler. In the back you can see some collages from 2010. They are closely related to the hanging objects and show the desire to cloud everyday life. The drawings, which have been created in parallel to the cloud ­objects from 2010, will be documented in a later ­publication.