Cecily Brown: The Spell

Cat. CFA Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin

Exhibition Catalogue, edited by Bruno Brunnet and Nicole Hackert
texts (German/English) by Catherine Foulkrod, Daniel Kehlmann
48 p with 25 colorued illustrations
280 x 200 mm, brochure


24,80 €

Cecily Brown’s uncanny art

Daniel Kehlmann, the most internationally successful German writer in recent years with »Measuring the World« (2006), writes about Cecily Brown’s latest paintings in this elegant booklet: »To put it more soberly: Cecily Brown’s art shows how superficial and uninteresting the apparent opposition between object and abstraction is. Undoubtedly, constructivism is right about one thing: Out of a jumble of impressions, according to our own not exactly reliable rules, we ourselves assemble a fragile model. After all, we don’t simply observe our surroundings, we move through them, thus our external world is perpetually disintegrating, rearranging itself in ever-changing ways, and only the constant work of our consciousness maintains the appearance of consistency. Cecily Brown doesn’t defamiliarize the world, she paints it as it actually is, a play of color and shadows.«


CFA Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin: 17/9 – 29/10/2022