OCULAR WITNESS – Pig Consciousness

Cat. Sprengel Museum Hannover

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Inka Schube
texts (German/English) by Fahim Amir, Anja Koch, Jenny Schäfer, Inka Schube
192 p with 100 coloured illustrations
215 x 180 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-86442-425-0

29,80 €

What are we doing to the pigs?

»Man becomes aware of himself returning the animal’s look«, John Berger once wrote. What do we actually learn about ourselves and our relationship to the world around us when we contemplate our relationship to pigs? Ocular witness: SCHWEINEBEWUSSTSEIN is a polyphonic, multi-perspectival research project. Sixteen artists were asked to explore individual aspects of the above question. The majority of the photographic works, videos and sculptural-installative works on display were developed especially for this project. With a poetic-artistic idiosyncrasy, the works are dedicated to aspects of the economy, everyday consumption, animal welfare, ecology, and the promises of the future in connection with the industrialization of agriculture. With works a. o. by Max Baumann, Frank Berger, Felix Bielmeier, Pierre Bismuth, Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, Anna Haifisch, Jochen Lempert, Arne Schmitt, Wenke Seemann, Maria Sewcz, Heidi Specker, Andrzej Steinbach, Maria Sturm, and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries.


Sprengel Museum Hannover, 23/8 – 5/11/2023