Candice Breitz: Labour

Cat. Kunstmuseum Bonn

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Barbara J. Scheuermann
texts (German/English) by Stephan Berg, Barbara J. Scheuermann, Aruna D’Souza, Bina Shah
224 p with 400 coloured illustrations
230 x 180 mm, clothbound with embossings

ISBN 978-3-86442-306-2

36,00 €

Videoinstallations and Photographs from 25 Years

The focus of Candice Breitz’s artistic work lies on the examination of the influence of family, society or communities that form on the basis of certain affiliations such as race, gender, nationality or religion, as well as on the importance of the media which create new groups and associations. The Kunstmuseum Bonn is presenting a com­prehensive solo exhibition about the artist (*1972 in Johannesburg), who grew up in South Africa and lives in Berlin, with video instal­lations and photographs from the last 25 years. Feminist matters are the focus of this presentation, which shows works ranging from the early »Ghost ­Series« (1994), a series of photographs that reflected on the violence of whiteness under the apartheid regime at the moment of South Africa’s political transformation in 1994, to more recent works such as »TLDR« (2017), a 13-channel video installation, which was created in collaboration with a group of South African sex workers and which deals with their worldwide struggle for basic human rights. For her most ­recent work »Labour«, which also was the ­inspiration for the exhibition title Breitz has filmed several women while giving birth. In addition to the exhibition documentation, the accompanying book offers an overview of all works since 2010.

Kunstmuseum Bonn, 20/2–3/5/2020