Gert & Uwe Tobias

Cat. Bonn / Heilbronn

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Stefan Gronert, Matthia Löbke
interview and text (German/English) by Stefan Gronert, Matthia Löbke
184 p. with 160 coloured illustrations
290 x 240 mm, hardcover 

ISBN 978-3-936859-76-8


Now an overview!

Following on from the two artists’ editions, one of which »Come and see before the tourists will do« is already sold out, we have the first comprehensive catalogue representing all the brothers’ solo exhibitions up to now in each of their spatially exact, conceptual permutations. The brothers are continually and flamboyantly fencing in whole spaces with display cabinets or drawing blocs, as well as series of prints, in order to structure the architecture more clearly, to mark a kind of contextual parenthesis here and there, or to underscore the parity, that is to say, the serial aspect of their work. In so doing, each of these works exists in its own right and by no means needs to be staged; thus this book depicts in exemplary fashion – alongside the detailed survey of the exhibitions’ physical aspects in a selection made by both artists themselves – the very things for which they are rightly famous: woodcuts that transcend the limitations of the format, surrealist Munch-like watercolours, finely chased typewriter drawings and sculptures alluding to the minimalism and the folk art of a Kippenberger.
The short and incisive explanatory texts by the editors, Matthia Löbke (Kunstverein Heilbronn) and Stefan Gronert (Kunstmuseum Bonn) are based around a series of headwords and place the works both technically and art historically in their intriguing contemporary context. 

Kunstmuseum Bonn, 06/03–­12/05/2008
Museum of Modern Art, 29/11/2007–­25/02/2008
Bergen Konsthall, 16/11–­21/12/2007
Kunstverein Heilbronn, 24/03–­20/05/2007