Cuny Janssen: My Grandma was a Turtle

Texts (English) by Paul Andriesse and Nicky Kay Michael
84 p with 85 coloured illustrations, single glued by hand
326 x 243 mm, clothbound with embossing on title

ISBN 978-3-940953-30-8

128,00 €

A Collection of American Motifs

Cuny Janssen is presenting two special, technically-speaking cleverly furnished books this year (2010): »Turtle« and »Amami«. After the Dutch photographer was included by Martin Parr in his voluminous »The Photobook History: Volume II«, and in view of the limited number of copies (1,000), these editions could very rapidly become highly collectable.
»My Grandma was a Turtle« is a collection of particularly American motifs, that culminates in double-sided images of the prairie depicting considerable numbers of bison. Here too, the artist connects landscape photographs with portraits of the inhabitants, yet she is less interested in merely comparing them: rather the hand-pasted, individual photographic reproductions lend the edition a unique format, which might readily be compared to early photograph albums or collectors’ albums for cigarette cards and suchlike.

Foam, Museum of Photography, Amsterdam, 25/03/2010–02/05/2010