Sofie Bird Møller

Texts (German/English) by Laura Henseler, Anders Kold, Wilhelm Schürmann
232 p with 100 full format partially double-page illustr.
240 x 170 mm, brochure

ISBN 978-3-940953-69-8

29,80 €

Leaving things out!

According to Wilhelm Schürmann, the prominent collector and exhibition organizer from Aachen, Sofie Bird Møller is  »adept at leaving things out« and, in his introductory text, goes on to forge a bond with her because of her admired omissions and ›paint-overs‹. This individual publication documents and presents the – as yet – small oeuvre of this student of Günther Förg – on its own and for the first time. Perhaps the most remark­able thing about these paint-overs is the fact that they work in a small format just as well as the ›nocturnal‹ works on the large poster hoardings executed variously by the young artist in Munich, London, Berlin, that the subject matter seems to be predestined for this kind of expressive attack, as if a most excruciatingly boring situation had just been waiting for this intoxication, for a veritable explosion. The »interventions« seem to have been executed at speed, accentuating the impression still further, and yet at the same time, they are still so precise that the puzzling coincidence seems altogether logical.
Alongside the works in acrylic – Sofie Bird Møller calls her additions to pages of magazines and large posters »interferences« – the book presents a whole series of processed etchings; the interventions by the artist resemble retouchings, or corrections, which release the historical aspect of the original material into