Hansjoerg Dobliar: The delicate deformation

Texts (German/English) by Zdenek Felix, Bernhart Schwenk
162 p with 90 coloured illustrations
270 x 210 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-940953-14-8


Natural, insane, abstract

The best collages have always drawn attention to themselves simply because they possess the sudden ability to show – compositionally speaking – completely new and unexpected content by means of transformational intervention in hitherto familiar pictorial arrangements. Such are the intense acrylic and lacquer treatments of the Sixties and Seventies templates from the Italian Epoca magazine that Hansjoerg Dobliar brought with him from his stay at the Villa Massimo. Or in 2008 where the artist, domiciled alternately in Berlin and Munich, invites us into the Valley of the Dolls to admire the iconographic pictures of Sharon Tate that oscillate in precise and felicitous manner between evocation und erasure, reality and fiction, the recognisable and the unrecognisable, as though he were preparing the beauty’s resurrection.

Villa Merkel Galerien der Stadt Esslingen, 28/6–16/8/2009