Katrin Plavčak: On the Couch

Cat. Schwartzsche Villa Berlin-Steflitz

Exhibition catalogue, edited by Brigitte Hausmann / Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf von Berlin
texts (German/English) by Brigitte Hausmann, David Quigley, Eva Scharrer
64 p with 55 coloured illustrations
210 x 210 mm, softcover

ISBN 978-3-86442-245-4


News in Painting

Katrin Plavčak’s paintings refer to history of art as well as popular culture, for instance when she uses set pieces of comics. These themes are transformed by her critical view, her ingenuity and her tremendous creative power into artistically completely independent and irritatingly current commentaries on our political-social and cultural present. Surrealism, science fiction and verism enter into a disturbing alliance and generate what the artist calls »amazement« and »personal entertainment «. And then there is this couch in Katrin Plavčak's Vienna studio – at a distance of four kilometers from the former location of Sigmund Freud's famous couch. It is at the center of the artist's latest work, which uses this motif to develop various themes, from the subject of »painter and model« to the pertinent aspects of Freudian depth psychology. The works in the exhibition »On the Couch« brought together in this book are for the first time on show at Schwartzschen Villa in Berlin-Steglitz where, from March to April 2018, the artists actually used the studio to create a number of works. Katrin Plavčak is currently working on a monument to FALCO, which is to be unveiled on June 2, 2018 near St. Pölten, the home of FALCO's father.

Schwartzsche Villa Berlin-Steglitz, 13/4 – 17/6/2018