Andreas Slominski: Edition

»A sculptor of evil elegance«

This is what Ulf Erdmann Ziegler wrote about Andreas Slominski and his exhibition at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg in the German daily »taz« (18. June, 2016). He also swept aside any prejudice that Andreas Slominski – in relation to his choice of materials – might follow »the tradition of the readymade«, but rather, its »transformation« is of much greater importance. The following already applied to Marcel Duchamp’s »Fountain«: on show is not just an object of everyday life as the center of attention but, above all, also its source material, which applies equally to Andreas Slominski’s work. Andreas Slominski is currently still working on a new edition of the catalog for the Hamburg exhibition; in support of this publication, the artists will issue a special edition:

Edition of 72 copies, signed and numbered
Pissoir mit Korken, links (Urinal with Cork, left)
(sold out)!!


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