The definite Christmas gift – only 4 special edition copies by Andreas Slominski available!!

»A sculptor of evil elegance,« is how Ulf Erdmann Ziegler describes Andreas Slominski and his exhibition at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg 2016 in the »taz«. He sweeps aside the prejudice that Andreas Slominski comes »from the tradition of the readymade« in view of the material, because much more important is its »transformation«. What already applied to Marcel Duchamp’s »Fountain«: that not only an everyday crime that has become the focus of attention can be viewed, but above all its source material, applies equally to Andreas Slominski’s work.
To support the reprint of the catalogue for the Hamburg show, Andreas Slominski had published this special edition. We have now rescued our last – now only four – copies from a liquidation.


Edition: 72 copies, signed and numbered
480.00 Euro each
Pissoir mit Korken, links (urinal with cork, left)

1 x brown, 1 x violet, 2 x black
available again!













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